Refrigerator symptoms

Arise in the cabinet glaze ice / frost
  • The thermostat is set too low. Attach to the position/number corresponding
    There is interference with the thermostat itself, if this happens, you should seek the help of technicians
  • If the thermostat is working normally, then all of a sudden frost occur, this indicates that the thermostat would soon be broken. Immediately contact the technician
There was a roaring sound
  • Refrigerator does not stand up very well. You try to check the establishment. Probably enough to set the screws on the legs only.
  • Around the refrigerator there are many objects or furniture other so easily arise vibration. Follow the instructions on how to put the handbook Bagimana fridge properly
  • The flow of cooling on the back of the refrigerator cabinet body vibrating touch. Perhaps the screws loose, and you can fix yourself, if not, do not hesitate to contact the technician.
Refrigerator not cold enough
  • It may be the door does not close properly. Fully has it too, so the door can not close properly? Or indeed any abnormalities in the leaves of the door itself? If so, you should call a technician to fix it
  • How to tell if the refrigerator door "leak" is to put a flashlight that lights up in the refrigerator. If there is a light through the exit, therein lies the gap. Perhaps simply by replacing the upholstery cushion the door only to overcome them. Try to contact the technician
  • The condenser (black tool such as a fence attached to the back of the closet) so that the gross functions impaired. You can clean it yourself, but first unplug the power to not get into the machine
  • Refrigerators are located too close to heat sources or direct sunlight. If there is no other place than near the stove or oven to your refrigerator, try to have enough insulation does not distribute heat between two devices
 In the refrigerator unpleasant odor
  • You believe all kinds of strong-smelling foods stored in tightly closed container? Perhaps this is the cause of the odor. All food is cooked well and is still raw, if the strong-smelling (eg curry, curry, pickled onions, etc.) should be in a sealed container if you store in the refrigerator. Also the meat is already seasoned, if you leave some time in the refrigerator, it must be closed properly.
  • Maybe the electricity goes out for a long time since satau and other things. If a long period of inactivity, there is a certain smell in the refrigerator. Open up the door for a moment to allow the air exchange in your refrigerator
  • Try to check, perhaps stored food in the fridge is broken or rotten, so although there are also closed the smell is seeping. Immediately remove such materials, and clean the inside of the refrigerator with a clean towel that has been dipped in a water solution of baking soda + water
 Water out from under the fridge
  • The location of the correct refrigerator is to the rear is a bit lower. How can the most appropriate way of putting it, follow the advice in the book holder. If the location is less suitable, so the water could be hatched in the "pit" refrigerator
  • There is a blockage or other disturbances on the diverter pipe water from the freezing of the melt. We recommend that you contact your technical staff to fix it
 Fridge "live" over and over again
  • The corollary is the refrigerator started to "live" (a term familiar start) once or twice a day. And that's without sounding completely obvious. If "life" too often in the short term, there may be a lack of motor function. Immediately contact technicians for this kind of damage beyond the reach of ordinary people to fix it
  • Check whether the power is quite strong, meaning that the voltage appropriate to the size of your refrigerator. If the voltage is less, refrigerator showing signs of "life" over and over again
Special advice
  • Clean your refrigerator on a regular basis, both the outside and inside. Use a clean towel dipped in a solution of water or water + soda + vinegar Kues to wipe the inside. Then dry again with a dry towel
  • Regularly also melt the freezer space according to the rules in the handbook, this applies to refrigerators that do not automatically melt pembekunya own space
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