Thursday, 22 March 2012

care for a toaster

Uneven roast results, less dry? may cause the following: Results are unsatisfactory
  • With two loaves of bread at once, the result is better than just one piece of roast.
  • If after raising the first piece, again entered two new pieces, it is too fast lifter up, so the bread was not baked. Because it should wait after each grill
  • After use, unplug the power plug
  • And let not include such a device in water or soapy water
  • The outside should be cleaned with a damp towel
  • Bread crumbs baked removed by tilting the device and tapping it. The remains of the bread crumbs can be removed by opening the screw at the bottom, then open the base plate
  • Do not ever insert a knife or fork in a working tool
  • Do not wrap cord around appliance is still hot
  • To bake frozen bread that her thermostat should not be changed, which should be changed is the roast


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