Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Several types of banquets

Variety of types of banquet. Adapted to the type of food or beverages are served, by the time its implementation, then known various kinds of terms. Cocktail party for example, Barbecues Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Coffee Party and others. Whatever the term, are generally held in a buffet meals (buffet), sitting at the dinner table (sit-down dinner) or just to provide food, snacks and drinks (eg coffee / tea party).

banquet buffet
This way the most practical meal, the hostess is not too much trouble, although many guests are invited. This can be done for the banquet is not official and formal. Guests generally prefer this way because they can choose a favorite dish.

Sitting at the dinner table

Banquets can be held for both formal banquets. But the number of guests invited is limited. Whether or not this sort of troublesome banquet, certainly depend on anyone you invite, the type of meals, drinks that you serve, and whether or not you hold a banquet of this kind.

Coffee / tea party
Tea or coffee is usually held by women. The tea party was held in the afternoon and a banquet hosted a coffee morning at 10 o'clock to 12 noon. Meals are relaxed, not formal in nature. And does not require a huge cost because it only serves food, snacks and meals of tea and coffee. Even the name tea party or banquet coffee, but tea and coffee served together so there is an option.


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